KH3 Sora Wig Tutorial

Hello fellow half-pint heros! Sorax here! Sorry about the long hiatus, but I’m back! And it’s June! Which means in a few weeks it will be summer! And probably a lot of you are coming off of con season, are entering con season, or preparing yourself for your next con season. That was what I was pretty much doing all May ๐Ÿ˜Š.

As some of you probably saw on my Instagram, I went to Animinneapolis, a Minnesota convention held at the end of May in the Twin Cities. I was two characters that weekend, Connor from Detroit: Become Human and Sora from Kingdom Hearts III. It was a great time held by all ๐Ÿ˜Š. My two favorite things that I did to prepare for Animinnie was commissioning my best friend for my OUTSTANDING Connor RK800 jacket and working on my Sora wig. The latter of which is what I will be discussing in this post. So, without further ado, let’s jump to it.

Supplies Needed:

Barber Scissors

A wig (Arda wig or any wig)

A wig head (if you have one)

Got2b Hairspray (or any strong hold hairspray)

Got2b Hair gel (not shown in pic) (or any strong hold gel)

Got2b Hair glue (or any strong hair glue)

A wig comb or brush

Bobby pins

Hair clips

Small Hair bands


Hairdryer (any hairdryer will do with a low setting)

Step 1: Washing the Wig (Optional)

My step one will probably be different than most only because I had to wash my wig. I had styled this wig for Sora years ago and decided to try an update it.

First, I soaked my wig wig in warm water to loosen the hairspray and gel that has been in the wig for at least four years. I soaked it for twenty-four hours and then air dryed for twenty-four hours.

Next, I used a wig shampoo and conditioner, follow link for brand, and followed the instructions on the bottles. This was my first time using wig shampoo and conditioner, so I am not sure if all have the same instructions, so please, please read the instructions on the bottle to make things go smoothly for yourself.

After washing the wig, I allowed it to air dry once more on my wig head on a tray with a towel underneath. There was still some old hairspray and gel left but not enough to hinder or upset me. I could actually move the hair, which is all I wanted, and once the wig was completely dryed, I brushed it. (Never, under any circumstances, brush a wet wig! It ruins the hairs!)

FYI: if you have a brand new wig that doesn’t require dying or doesn’t have any product in it already, you can skip this step ๐Ÿ™‚.

After photos of my clean wig:

Step 2: Brushing and creating sections

So, after washing the wig, or pulling the wig out of its bag, it will need to be brushed out. This is to get any snarls or knots out of the strands of hair. This will make it easier to section off the hair for the different spikes in Sora’s hair. (To make sure the wig stays on the wig head, place a pin in the crown of the wig and press it into the wig head. This will keep the wig in place ๐Ÿ™‚.)

Use the hair clips or hair bands to keep the sections in place. Do this all over the wig until you are satisfied with the placement and number of spikes. (I had to fudge with the number of spikes because of how I previously styled the wig, so don’t be upset if you can’t get the same amount as Sora actually has.)

Step 3: Try your wig on

Try your wig on to make sure that all the sections of hair are in places that you are happy with and the bangs line up on your face correctly. This will also help you figure out where the two large spikes will be located.

(Don’t be me and skip this step! The first time I styled Sora’s wig, his side spikes were off horribly but I know better now! And now, so do you ๐Ÿ˜Š.)

Step 4: Trimming spikes and styling

Now, this is unnerving part (in my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰), but with a steady hand and taking it bit by bit, this step will go just fine. Make sure you have the picture you want to reference for Sora within easy reach. Reference pictures can be easily found through Google images and typing in “Sora Kingdom Hearts III”.

Take one of the sectioned off pieces of hair, I started with the three larger spikes on top of Sora’s head, and measure out the length of the spike. With the hair secured in between two fingers, take the scissors and cut the hairs parallel to the strands. This feathers the tips of spikes to make them look more natural.

However, don’t cut the spikes too short, you can always go back and trim the spikes shorter.

While you trim, take your hairspray (I used the Got2b brand because I found it works best for me) and spray each spike to keep its shape. Use the hairdryer to help the hairspray dry faster. I like to run my fingers along the area I have hairsprayed so that little droplets don’t form while the spike is drying. If the tips of the spikes are not staying like you want them to, use a small amount of hair glue on the tips and hold them while you use the hairdryer to dry it.

Once you have created all of the spikes, go back and check for any loose strands or any spikes that need to be trimmed and so here.

Step 5: Try the wig on again!

Once all the spikes are dried, try the wig on again and look at yourself in the mirror. Make sure all the spikes and bangs are placed where you want them. This is another chance to see if there are any loose strands or spikes that might need a little more glue or hairspray.

Step 6: Sora’s wig is complete!

Congratulations! You have successfully trimmed and styled your very own Sora wig for the next anime convention! Or to just wear around the house to take on all those pesky heartless! I don’t judge ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Before Pics:

After Pic:

And there you go my fellow half-pint heros! My guide on how to style Sora’s wig from KHIII. For extra references, I suggest either Googling or heading to YouTube. I know that Arda wigs has a great three and a half minute video on how they styled Sora’s wig. Click on the word “Arda” and it’ll bring you straight to it, or just type in “Arda Sora wig” and it will be the first video that will appear on YouTube.

Hopefully this was helpful for any of you starting out styling wigs or who just want an extra reference for how to style Sora’s wig. I will be ordering a new wig for Sora for future cosplays so that I can have a fresh start on him once more, the wig I have for him was quite challenging since it was styled once before and already cut in some places, but I think I made it work. I do wish I could tell you what wig I used but I received it as a gift, so I’m not sure, only that it was an Arda wig. Follow the link to check out their website. They have some really awesome stuff there ๐Ÿ™‚.

If you would like to see some photos from Animinnie and want to see me as Sora, check out my Instagram, our_hearts_are_connected_blog! I will also post on there when a new blog post is up, so follow me for current updates! That’s all for now! Remember, let your hearts be your guiding key. And I’ll see ya real soon!


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