New KH3 DLC Promised This Winter

Hello my fellow half-pint heros! I have an announcement! At E3 it was announced that there would be a new Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC coming this winter.

From what I saw of the trailer on YouTube, it appears to add more to the remaining organization members stories. And a possibility of playing as the other characters during the last fight in the maze? Click this link if you would like to watch the trailer that I did from GameSpot Trailers.

I am interested in to know why they keep creating updates for the game (though I am definitely not complaining 😂). But more over, I am interested in what this DLC will reveal about the Organization members that remain. Do they all tie back to the mobile game? Will any of them reveal who the kid with the handkerchief around his neck was and how he was important during the last Keyblade Wars. There’s just so many possibilities with all these DLCs coming out!

That’s all for now my fellow half-pint heros! I will create an updated post when a confirmed release date is announced 😊. But until then,

Let your heart be your guiding key. And I’ll see ya real soon.


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