YouTube Channel and Life Update

Hello my fellow half-pint heroes! Sorax here! Sorry about the month long hiatus, but I was dealing with changes at work and the WiFi at my house went down for about two and a half weeks, which rendered my laptop almost useless for web-usage, including uploading blogs. And during that time, I decided that my YouTube channel needed some updating, since that was all I could really access from my phone, and I have changed the name of my channel to “Sorax Creates.”

It’s still pretty close to my original name, merely shorter and it encompasses what I want to do with my channel without being limited. Not everything has been updated, due to my lack of internet access, but I am hoping to fix that soon.

I hope everyone had a great July and looking forward to a great, fair-filled August! That’s all for now, so thanks for giving me a moment of your time and I promise to be better with my blog this August. So remember; Let your heart be your guiding key and I’ll see ya real soon!

– Sorax

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