Kingdom Hearts III is here!

*update- changed the word “these” to “this”.

Hi, everyone!

I want to apologize for not posting in awhile. I was hoping to get a post out about my “Top Ten Favorite Keyblades” on Monday, January 28th, hoping to get it out before the new game was to be released at midnight, but the darndest thing happened.

My. Game. Arrived.


And I just couldn’t function! The game I have been waiting 12 YEARS for, a game that I have been dreaming about since I was twelve and learned about this game series, and here it was! In my hands! Staring up at me.

I’ll be honest.

I cried. A LOT.

My hands shook as I pulled the game out of its box. I called my sister, texted all of my friends, could hardly speak to my mom as she asked if the box was my game. So many emotions rushed through me: excitement, joy, shock, and fear.

Fear because I have seen almost nothing of this game. I have kept myself in the dark as much as I could, because I wanted to experience KHIII just like I did for all the other games. Blindly. And I was scared. Scared that this game wasn’t going to live up to what I’ve dreamed and hoped it would be. Scared that all the hype I’ve heard isn’t true. Scared that the characters that I’ve grown up with are going to end their journey and the ending won’t be what I’m hoping for.

So, I procrastinated.

I texted my friends, I brought up the laundry, I walked in and out of the living room. I even took pictures of everything I got with the game! This lasted a whole hour before one of my best friends told me to stop texting and worrying about everything else, go play the game that I’ve waited for so long for, because it’ll be everything I’ve hoped for and more.

And so far? She’s right.

The game is beautiful! Made on the Unreal Engine, Sora and company look so beautiful and flawless. The worlds I have made it to so far are just as gorgeous! And one of my hopes from my “Top Ten Kingdom Hearts Worlds” post came true! We finally get to go to Mount Olympus! I MET ZEUS (as Sora) but I MET ZEUS.

Now, because I do have a full time job, I’m not as far as I would like to be in KHIII, but starting the game 7 hours earlier than most of North America was able to, I think I am doing pretty good. Especially since I put on Zero Exp. ability by accident and was stuck at level 5 for two whole worlds (one of which was a level 28 world). So, don’t do that 😂. But I really am having a blast!

I will make a post on my top ten favorite keyblades, but I’m going to wait until I have completed KHIII and have gotten all of the new keyblades. And, who knows? Maybe I’ll make separate posts ranking the KHIII keyblades. We’ll just have to see😉.

Again, I’m sorry for not posting in a while, and it might be a little while before I post again, due to a certain distraction 🙃, but I will try to get a new post up the moment I finish KHIII.

And to all my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans, we’ve made it! Go and enjoy your game that we have all been waiting for!

And I’ll see ya real soon!


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