Hello! A Small Little Blog Post

Hello my fellow half-pint heroes! How is everyone doing? It certainly has been awhile, hasn’t it?

I have been doing pretty well. What have I been doing while I was away? I have been prepping and working on Nanowrimo, working on another blog for a fictional story called “Your Average, Everyday Villain” on Tumblr, and making sure I have all my cosplays ready for Daischo Con. If you want to say ‘Hi’ to me at Daischo, I will Leon from Resident Evil 2, Connor from Detroit: Become Human, and Sora from Kingdom Hearts II. My badge will say “Sorax” as well, so don’t be afraid to say ‘Hi’!

I will also upload photos from Daischo as well as photos of the wigs that I styled, so look for those in the next few weeks!

I know that this is a little sort short, but i just wanted to let all of you know that I have not forgot about this little blog and I haven’t been taken by the darkness XD. I just wanted to take some time to work on a couple other projects that I have going on.

So, let your heart be your guiding key and I’ll see ya real soon!

— Sorax

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