Hello everyone!

Sorax here! So, I just learned something incredible from a co-worker of mine today. KHIII will have a DLC! How crazy is that?! I never thought that one of my favorite series would ever have a DLC.

I did feel that there was so much more that could be done with KHIII, but I wasn’t sure that Square Enix was going to do anything about it.

Now, I couldn’t find an actual release date for this DLC, but from what I’ve read and have been told, it should be available around the end of this (2019) year. But considering how long we had to wait for this game, I don’t know how much I trust that πŸ˜‚.

Since I was so excited about this, I just couldn’t wait to share it with all of you 😊. I also want to let all of you know that I have decided to make two different keyblade posts, one for my favorite keyblades from before KHIII and the other with just KHIII keyblades. I decided this because the KHIII keyblades have different elements to them then any of the other games and it just didn’t feel right putting them into the same post until I have one for just the KHIII keyblades. This way I can give my full opinions while keeping it fair between the different keyblades since most of the keyblades in the franchise don’t have special finishing moves to them. (I’m also still trying to figure out the upgrading system on the KHIII keyblades so please bare with me πŸ˜….)

As always, let your heart being your guiding key. And I’ll see ya real soon.

Edit: Click here to see where I got some of my info outside of my co-worker. Otherwise, I merely Googled “kingdom hearts 3 dlc release date” and when I went back again, I noticed that there is going to be a PlayStation VR experience for KHIII on February 28 (so technically today ☺️) and also wanted to let all of you know about that as well.

– Sorax

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